A holistic, end-to-end approach against the sex trade.

REST serves individuals of all ages and genders who have been trafficked or involved in the sex trade. We seek to care for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit; and we value the unique strengths and needs of each individual. REST services are relationship-based, individualized, and trauma-informed. REST is a Christian organization but is dedicated to serving people of all backgrounds, regardless of faith, and we don’t require participation in any faith activities in order to receive assistance. We believe everyone is worthy of love. Therefore, through all REST services, we simply want to communicate:

“You deserve to have the life you want. You deserve to be loved.”

Emergency Receiving Center

24/7 Hotline: (206) 451-REST

The hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Skilled advocates respond to calls or texts from individuals who are in need of assistance, or service providers and law enforcement who would like to make a referral. Through the hotline, we can provide emotional support and safety planning, help survivors connect to the services they need, screen for intake into the emergency shelter, and start the process for screening into the REST House.


The Shelter provides individual rooms for seven women (aged 18 or over) to stay for up to 30 days. This is a place for women to rest, explore their healing and recovery journey and identify their needs. For our shelter guests, we provide food and hygiene supplies, peer support, case management, and assistance to access resources like medical care, mental health services, chemical dependency support, legal advocacy, transportation and basic identification.

Drop-In Center

The Drop-In Center is open Monday–Thursday from 2:00pm–8:00pm providing workshops, classes, survivor support groups, healing art, medical consultation, and dinner. The Drop-In Center provides a safe space to rest, connect with other survivors, build a community of support, and get assistance in accessing resources like housing, employment, education, healthcare, transportation, mental health services, and chemical dependency services.

Advocacy, Residential, Prevention

Community Advocacy

The Community Advocacy program provides assistance to people involved in or exiting the sex trade throughout King County. Advocates provide consistent relationships and case management to help individuals of any age or gender identify needs, access resources, build a community of support, and reach the goals that are most important to them. This program also includes direct outreach to potential victims of trafficking through text messages to phone numbers pulled from escort ads.

The REST House

The REST House is a staffed, transitional living program for up to six young women, ages 18–30, who are exiting the sex trade and want to pursue a new life. It is an individualized program that provides the warmth of a home and the time needed to prepare for greater independence. Residents can stay up to a year, and receive supportive services like trauma counseling and case management while pursuing life goals that are most important to them. Call (206) 451-REST to learn more.


The Prevention Team connects with girls and boys in juvenile detention centers, and through diversion. These girls and boys are at-risk for entering the sex trade, though many of them have already been exposed to it in some form. This team facilitates workshops to help the youth gain awareness and build skills to advocate for themselves and their peers against trafficking and gender-based violence. We also provide one on one mentorship and chaplaincy for any youth who are interested.